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Access & Inspection Platforms

Access & Inspection Platforms

Access & Inspection Platforms Description:

With the lift in the down position entry into the platform is at finished floor level. From this position it can be elevated to a maximum raised height of 96” above the finished floor with a distributed load of 1000#. An accordion bellows skirt encloses the scissors mechanism of the lift, providing a barrier to prevent workers from entering the area under the platform and precludes debris from falling into the scissors creating an unsafe operating condition.

The remotely mounted electric / hydraulic power unit provides a secure power source that can be easily monitored and maintained for uninterrupted operation.

The 30” wide x 35’ long operator platform can be accessed through self-closing, self-latching entry gates on either end of the platform.  The steel safety plate floor has removable panels to allow access to the hydraulic lift cylinders for maintenance and inspection without having to remove the accordian skirt. Operator controls in the platform include Up/Down and Emergency Stop, while the base control unit has Up/Down, Emergency Stop, and a OSHA approved lock-out / tag-out electrical disconnect.

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