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3 Pole DC Connector

ML 3 poles – 28VDC external power female 3 poles rubber plug for aircraft and helicopters. Industrial Manlifts 727-490-8839

3 Pole DC Connector


3 Pole DC Connector Features:

  • IML 3 poles – 28VDC external power female 3 poles rubber plug for aircraft and helicopters.   Made to Mil-C-7974 standards using with Mil-C-5756 electrical cable it is meeting the MS90347 specification.    
  • IML are robust and durable in a high usage market place.
  • Sleeves are solid copper, silver plated.
  • Extra Rugged design proven over many years of service
  • Affordable-make your own or repair cable assemblies on line.
  • Silver plated quad beam copper contacts are precisely set to insure consistent mating forces over thousands of cycles.
  • Engineered to hold even on undersize pins and under extreme temperatures and loading. Effective water seal is formed by cable grommet and imbedded steel straps.
  • Plug body is molded from specially formulated high quality rubber with superior abrasion and chemical resistance.


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