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Single Man Lift

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BMVL-30 Mobile Vertical Lift   This push around lift is designed for 1 person and reaches a maximum platform height of 30’. The Working Height is approximately 35’ which makes it ideal for li
Mini Merchandise Lift

The BMML-9 has a heavy duty shelf that is perfect for stocking and de-stocking.
Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts

Driveable Mini Scissor Lifts additions of the DMSL-10, DMSL-12 DMSL-19 and DMSL-26 complement our current push able MSL-10 and MSL-12 models.
Star13P Electric Vertical Mast Lift

The Star 13P Electric Vertical Mast Lift is ideally suited for stock picking. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
Mini Scissor Lift   Ballymore 1

MSL-10 & MSL-12 from Industrial Man Lifts Features: 500 lb capacity platform,Provides working heights to 16′ 0″,Maximum raised platform height of 9′ 10″.
M1230E Electric Scissor Lift

100 In Stock
M1230E Electric Scissor Lift Features: Proportional controls Descent and tilt alarms High amp hour rating gives long usage between charges Emergency lowering at chassis controls Non-marking, solid rub

Single man lift, person lifts, manlifts, or personal lifts are one of the most affordable and effective investment values when there is a need to work with an industrial boom. These individual man lifts can act as a personal lift, but they are much more than that. They are a multi-functional tool which can promote better individual and team productivity.

  • A single man lift can replace the need to assemble a scaffold for individualized work.
  • It provides a safe platform to work at tall heights for maintenance, construction, or multiple forms of service work.
  • Lifts also provide a quick way to access inventory, complete warehousing work, and perform stocking tasks.

There are numerous ways these individual man lifts can help your business draw more revenues and complete projects faster. If you have a need to put your people into the air, these are the lifts to use because each will treat you with great care.

Which Single Man Lift Is the Best for Your Business?

 Single person lifts are one of the most varied categories of lifts in our industry today. You’ll find miniature scissor lifts, electric vertical mast lifts, jig lifts, Genie lifts, vertical mast man lifts, and indoor electric mast lifts to just name a few.

One of the unique advantages of this category is that you can easily lift more than just people. The miniature merchandise lift is an amazing tool that increases individual productivity. Just load your merchandise into the lift, take it to its needed location, and then unload it. That makes storage, inventory management, and even sales for certain industries to be safer, faster, and easier.

Power stocker lifts are another great option as a single man lift for large organizations or SMBs. This affordable single man lift allows individual operators to move multiple items of inventory simultaneously without straining the back or lower legs. Just place the items on the lift, move it to where it needs to go, and access the operator controls to complete the task.

Many of the lifts in this category are rated with a maximum capacity of 400 pounds or more. Several indoor models have a platform height of about 6 feet, though outdoor mdels with a man lift boom may be able to reach a maximum lift height of 20-30 feet.

How Much is a Single Man Lift?

 Single person lifts are one of the best investment values available in this category, especially when they are combined with deep cycle gel batteries and other related products. Every lift has unique manufacturing requirements, so pricing is based on numerous factors.
We invite you to send us an inquiry regarding your preferred lift or lifts so our team can ensure you get the best possible price. Just click on the Send Inquiry button on your preferred single man lift and we’ll get the process started for you.

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Single man lift is an effective aerial access solution. Explore the possibilities for your business today.