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 We often discuss the benefits of having the right ground support equipment, maintenance docks, and other infrastructure needs met in our industry. What often gets left out of the conversation is the administrative supports that also need to be met. This is why industrial office equipment is an essential category as well. Administrative workers need infrastructure supports from ergonomic seating and other equipment to make sure they’re at their best as well.

The office chair might be the most important piece of industrial office equipment you own. If you or your people are required to sit for extended periods of time, then a supportive chair will help to keep them productive. You’ll find big and tall chairs, leather chairs, and anti-microbial seating available with our extensive selection of equipment.

You’ll also find the complimentary office furniture needed to supplement the supports that a high quality chair can provide.

  • Cafeteria seating allows your people to gather together for a meal, a meeting, or some down time between flights.
  • Cluster tables are an effective seating solution for ground support teams, giving you an all-in-one option.
  • Reception stations add a professional touch to your environment while providing an organized work area for those manning the station to greet visitors.
  • Benches offer seating solutions in numerous environments.

Each item in this category has been specifically selected because it can better withstand the challenges of the aviation environment. This way you have the potential to lower your industrial equipment costs because instead of purchasing equipment meant for a corner office, you’re purchasing equipment that is designed to keep your administrative team at their best.

Reducing strains, improving productivity, and adapting to modern ergonomics is just the beginning of what you can accomplish by upgrading your industrial office equipment today. Let us know how we can help you today and together we’ll come up with a solution that will give your administrative personnel the tools they need to succeed.

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