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Aircraft Plugs

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Battery High Current Switchs

Industrial Manlifts supplies a wide range of battery connectors, Battery Switch, flexible mounting options, and current-carrying capacity make this battery switch a wise choice. Industrial Manlifts 8
Battery connectors

Our Battery Connector are the same as the 3 Poles dc connector Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377
DC nato connector

Our Aviation Battery Connectors come with an attached Dust Cap.Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377
DC External Receptables

Our DC External Receptables are Corrosion Proof. Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377
Power units

Our Power Units can also be built Custom Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377
hydraulic crimp tool

Industrial Manlifts Crimb Tools are Easy and convenient Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377

Aircraft plugs,connectors,heads,spark plugs & helicopter plugs from Industrial Manlifts can also be customized for any applications.Please call 888-730-8377