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Floor Cord Covers

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Our Cable Protection eliminate any trip hazards and offer your cables protection. Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377

Floor Cord Covers

Floor Cord Covers Features:

Floor cord covers are important for eliminating trip hazards, and also provide your cables with protection from foot or vehicle traffic


While not often thought of as an item for the home, we have a number of cable covers that can safeguard your wires and whoever may be walking over them, without making your living area look like a construction site.


If you do in fact have a construction site, event, or concert, we stock heavy duty cord covers, available with anywhere from one to five channels, that are interlocking to create as many runs as you need. They are also designed to take a lot of abuse.

Industrial Man Lifts is your aerial access solution provider. We can customize any product for any size job. Operators always standing by, (888) 730-8377.

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