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Heavy Cable Shrink Houses

Our Shrink Houses are UV Resistant Industrial Manlifts 888-730-8377

Heavy Cable Shrink Houses

Heavy Cable Shrink Houses Features:

Heavy cables heat shrink tubing provides a fast, clean, permanent, safe and cost effective method of sealing, waterproofing, insulating and protecting cable joints and terminations in underwater or underground applications. Voltage rated for 0.6/1kv applications, the tubing has a high shrink ratio, is UV resistant, and operates within a -55° C to +90° C temperature range. The polyamide - based adhesive provides a high bond strength and protection against moisture, aggressive fluids and corrosion.



Industrial Man Lifts is your aerial access solution provider. We can customize any product for any size job. Operators always standing by, (888) 730-8377.


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