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Zero Lift & Tilt Table

Zero Lift & Tilt Table

Zero Lift & Tilt Table Features:

The ZLTT is designed to lift or tilt products to an ergonomic working position, reducing operator bending. Products may be loaded and unloaded with the use of a standard hand pallet truck. No pit mounting required. Maximum tilt angle is 45°. Lift and tilt controlled separately. Remote power unit with hand-held control standard.


Zero Lift & Tilt Table
Model PDFs Platform size Capacity (lbs) Raised Height* Overall Size (WxLxH) Wt.
ZLTT-4452-2-36 44"x52" 2,000 36" 68-3/4"x59.75"x30" 2121
ZLTT-4452-4-36 44"x52" 4,000 36" 68-3/4"x59.75"x30" 2230
ZLTT-5252-2-36 52"x52" 2,000 36" 77-3/4"x59"x30" 2327
ZLTT-5252-4-36 52"x52" 4,000 36" 77-3/4"x59"x30" 2352
ZLTT-4472-2-48 44"x72" 2,000 48" 69-3/4"x78"x30" 2950
ZLTT-4472-4-48 44"x72" 4,000 48" 69-3/4"x78"x30" 3013
ZLTT-5272-2-48 52"x72" 2,000 48" 76-1/4"x78"x30" 3045
ZLTT-5272-4-48 52"x72" 4,000 48" 76-1/4"x78"x30" 3074
Foot Control - Model FC-4 Available
*Raise Height Noted with Platform in Level Position



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