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• Forged, steel safety toe; which is more durable than cast steel

• Same capacity on the toe and the head

• Ability to operate with the manual lift or a hydraulic pump

• 5-year warranty


When factories and shop floors need heavy duty toe jacks that can provide both outstanding capacity and durability, the Toe Jack V10 is the solution.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor lifting, the V10 toe jack is easy to operate, extremely sturdy and can handle a full load capacity of up to 22,000lbs. on the toe and top plate. A self-contained toe jack, the V10 features a minimum load height of just 20 millimeters, wheels that facilitate easy rolling and a lifting capacity that can be doubled when operated in tandem with a second hydraulic toe jack using an external  PV Hand Pump.

Available in a nickel-plated version for use in clean rooms, the  V10 toe jack is designed for use in a variety of demanding environments, from factories and shop floors to assembly lines and remote locations.

Safety is a key feature of the  V10 toe jack. Manufactured to a high safety margin, it includes a release valve that allows loads to be lowered precisely and carefully, plus a safety valve for overload protection. Additionally, the V10 is built with our well proven, one-piece, height-adjustable safety toe.

All of our toe jacks are quality built with high-grade materials and precision guide-ways and are ready to use when they arrive on site. The V10 toe jack incorporates a modular design that facilitates easy service and comes with a five-year limited warranty, plus lifetime technical support. To ensure optimal functionality and appearance, 100 percent of our heavy duty jacks pass a thorough testing and approval process before leaving the factory. Every jack must meet Testmark BGV D8 (Germany) and ANSI/ASME (USA) standards.

Additional information

Weight 71 lbs
Dimensions 13.3 × 9.3 × 12.2 in