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Upender Inverter

Upender Inverter

Can be inverted 180° with 90° and 180° rotation.
The rotation is electro-mechanically operated.

  • Driven by a powered gearbox for reduced speed
  • Comes standard with a 3HP 220/440V 3-phase power system (upgrades available).

Loads can enter and exit from the front or either side.

  • Larger loads can protrude or overhand on either side if necessary.

Units available in 2000, 4000, 6000, & 10000 lb. capacities.

  • Mini Upender Inverter available in 250 pounds capacities

A variety of platform sizes available:

  • 48" wide and 48" deep with a 50" throat opening.
  • 72" wide and 48" deep with a 52" throat opening.
  • 96" wide and 54" deep with a 66" throat opening.

Optimize with roller conveyor.

  • Guide loads automatically, then gently clamp together with the hydraulically -operated scissor platform.  Conveyor height reduces throat opening from 4" to 6", depending on conveyor capacity requirement.

Rugged, Durable, and Versatile!

  • The Upender-Inverter is heavy-duty welded steel construction, built for heavy industrial use and is ideal for inverting molds, castings, pallets, plywood sheets, glass, printed materials and other products that need to be inverted in the manufacturing process.
  • This unit is designed to improve product handling, efficiency, and reduce cost and time in storage, retrieval and product positioning with maximum flexibility, reducing damage to products while minimizing worker-related injuries.
  • The Upender Inverter also simplifies pallet handling as it will quickly and efficiently transfer a load from wooden pallets to plastic ones, or vice-versa.
  • After inverting a load with the Upender-Inverter, a broken or damaged pallet can easily and quickly be removed and replaced.
  • The efficiencies gained from using the Upender Inverter translate into labor savings and a reduction in physical injuries and downtime.
  • The Upender Inverter can be manually controlled form clamping and inverting with push button controls or it can be incorporated into a fully automated system.
  • The clamping platform is hydraulically operated and the pressure on the clamping mechanism is adjustable to meet your particular requirement.
  • Our most popular sizes are featured in the specification box, however, we can modify these units to meet your specific needs if necessary.
  • With openings on two sides of the Upender Inverter, it can easily accommodate a wide range of lengths and can even handle loads that overhand a pallet.
  • This unit allows for easy removal of freezer spacers.  A clamp would be activated to hold the load and then invert it approximately 110 degrees.   The clamp would then be released and the load would free up the spacers for easy removal.  Next the clamp would be reactivated and the load would be inverted back into the horizontal position for shipping.
  • The Upender Inverter is ergonomically designed so that the height of the deck eliminates bending over and stretching, making it easy and convenient for the user.
  • Recommended power options include a 3-phase, 230/460 volt unit with 110 volt control.  Other voltages are also available and include 110-volt single phase (recommended only if alternate power is not available).  Air powered units are also available for use in hazardous environments.
  • Controls are available in push button remote, foot pedal and pedestal mounted controls.

Upender Inverter Specifications: 

Capacity (lbs.) Platform Size (in.) Max Opening (in.) Min opening (in.) Model Number
2,000 48 x 48 50 20
2,000 48 x 72 52 6
2,000 54 x 96 66 6
4,000 48 x 48 50 20
4,000 48 x 72 52 6
4,000 54 x 96 66 6
6,000 48 x 48 50 20
6,000 48 x 72 52 6
6,000 54 x 96 65 6
10,000 48 x 48 49 20
10,000 48 x 72 51 6
10,000 54 x 96 65 6



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