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Truck Actuated Dockleveler

Truck Actuated Dockleveler

Truck Actuated Dockleveler Features:

  • 55,000 psi high strength checker plate deck

  • 12" long lip (extends 6½" into truck)

  • Toeguards on each side

  • Service range of 12" above through 8" below dock

  • (2) Molded Bumpers; 5"W x 16"H x 6"D

  • Lift By-Pass for Safety

This is a fully automatic loading ramp where there is no dock attendant needed. It consists of a lift by-pass for safety and toe guards on each side. As the truck backs against the twin actuating arms (bumpers) it pushes the carriage back. The dock and trailer must be raised for this process to work.

As the carriage goes back the deck goes up. When the carriage bumpers contact the dock, the deck floats down to rest on the trailer. When the truck pulls out, the deck returns to level supported position automatically.

Truck Actuated Dockleveler
Model PDF's Description Capacity  Wt.
(lbs) (lbs)
RU-600-SCB 6'Wx6'L recessed unit, Standard 28" Deep Pit 20,000 2036
RU-800-SCB 6'Wx8'L recessed unit 20,000 2399
RU-800-SCB-F 6'Wx8'6"L recessed unit 20,000 2475
RU-1000-SCB 6'Wx10'L recessed unit 20,000 2702
SU-600-SCB 6'Wx6'L recessed unit w/ legs, Full 48" Deep Pit 20,000 2127
SU-800-SCB 6'Wx8'L recessed unit w/ legs 20,000 2490
SU-800-SCB-F 6'Wx8'6"L recessed unit w/ legs 20,000 2566
SU-1000-SCB 6'Wx10'L recessed unit w/ legs 20,000 2793
PU-600-SCB 6'Wx6'L w/ legs   for in front of dock placement 20,000 2372
PU-800-SCB 6'Wx8'L w/ legs   for in front of dock placement 20,000 2802
PU-1000-SCB 6'Wx10'L w/ legs for in front of dock placement 20,000 3172
(specify Dock Height when ordering)
Truck Actuated Dockleveler Options
Model Description Wt.
WS-DV Dual Vinyl weather-stripping factory installed -
TA-30K/6 30,000 lb. capacity for 6' length -
TA-30K/8 30,000 lb. capacity for 8' length -
TA-30K/10 30,000 lb. capacity for 10' length -
FI Foam Insulation 6
TL Notch for trailer lock -
SPO Shallow Pit Option (24" Minimum depth) -
SPO-RU Shallow Pit Option (For series “RU” -
BE Bumper extensions for low docks -
Capacities to 100,000 pounds available – contact factory

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