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Steel Quick-Lift

 Steel Quick-Lift

 Steel Quick-Lift Features:

Quiet, lightweight unit transports and positions loads quickly with just a push of a button. Battery operated. High density polyethylene platform makes these lifts ideal for clean room operations. 9" horizontal load center. Features low profile design for maneuvering in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Poly casters; two swivel and two-swivel locking. 24V battery and 110V AC charger. Powder coat blue finish. A detachable handheld control with coil cord for remote operation is optional. The optional Programmable Height Indexing option allows you to preset multiple working heights at a touch of a button.


Steel Quick-Lift
Model Number Platform Raised Lowered Capacity (lbs.) Caster Size  Wt. (lbs)
Size (WxL) Height Height
PEL-88 23.5"x18.5" 57" 5-5/8" 175 3" 225
PEL-100 23.5"x18.5" 72 5-5/8" 125 3" 245
PEL-400-57 24"x20" 57" 6-1/2" 400 4" 574
PEL-400-72 24"x20" 72" 6-1/2" 400 4" 560



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