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Aluminum DC Powered Quick-Lift

 Aluminum DC Powered Quick-Lift


 Aluminum DC Powered Quick-Lift Features:

  • Fully Programmable State of the Art Motor Controller Allows forMultiple Lift Speed Adjustments to Fit Users Needs
  • All Lift Components Concealed in Lift Column, No Dangerous Pinch Points
  • Drifting/Coasting of Load is Eliminated due to Electromagnetic Brake and Drive Screw Design
  • Efficient and Quiet Ball Screw Design Uses Less Power Per Pound to Lift
  • Clean room Environments Ideal
  • Adjustable Handle Height to Suit each Individual Users Ergonomic Conditions
  • Virtually Maintenance Free Design
  • (2) Maintenance Free Batteries
  • On-Board Charger, Self Monitoring (no overcharging can occur)
  • Lift Speed Adjustment at Your Fingertips
Steel Quick-Lift
Model Number Platform Raised Lowered Capacity (lbs.) Caster Size  Wt. (lbs)
Size (WxL) Height Height
PEL-88 23.5"x18.5" 57" 5-5/8" 175 3" 225
PEL-100 23.5"x18.5" 72 5-5/8" 125 3" 245
PEL-400-57 24"x20" 57" 6-1/2" 400 4" 574
PEL-400-72 24"x20" 72" 6-1/2" 400 4" 560
Aluminum Quick Lift
Model Platform Raised Lowered Caster Size Capacity (lbs.) Wt. (lbs)
Size (WxL) Height Height
PEL-88-A 23-1/2"x18-1/2" 57" 5-1/2" 3" 175 205
PEL-100-A 23-1/2"x18-1/2" 72" 5-1/2" 3" 125 22


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