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Self-Venting Drum Pumps

Self-Venting Drum Pumps

Self-Venting Drum Pumps Features:

Designed for dispensing and transferring liquids out of 55-gallon drums and 5- and 15-gallon pails. Constructed of polypropylene for application specific chemical resistance.

VDP VDPX - Exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals (non-flammable solvents). VDP includes a 2 piece dip tube with connector 32" long total

Self Venting Drum Pumps
Model PDF's Description Construction Displacement Per Stroke Bung Size Wt. (lbs)
VDP Self-Venting Polypropylene 8 oz. 3/4" & 2" 1
VDPX Self-Venting Polypropylene 16 oz. 3/4" & 2" 1

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