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Pallet Server

Pallet Server


Pallet Server Features:

The Pallet Server, series PM/PS, is designed to be used when a fork truck is not available. The Pallet Master can handle pallets, skids and crates both with and without an understructure. The standard unit has a maximum capacity of 4,000 pounds with a load center within 18 inches from the vertical part of the fork. The 4" wide forks are adjustable from a 8" wide minimum, to 37" wide maximum. The forks are 36" long for handling a wide variety of pallet sizes. The units rolls easily on two 8" x 2" phenolic swivel casters and two 8" x 2" Wheels.

The lift is operated with a fingertip rocker switch control. An optional remote or on-board battery charger is available. A charge indicator is also available for DC units.

With up to 4,000 pounds of capacity and 60" of raised height, the pallet server series can be used for a variety of applications.

Pallet Server
Model Capacity Description Forks (WxL) Lift Height Wt. (lbs)
PMPS-50M 2,500 Manual Foot-pump operation 4"x36" 50" 985
PMPS-50-AC 4,000 115V AC Powered 4"x36" 50" 1081
PMPS-50-AIR 4,000  Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 4"x36" 50" 962
PMPS-50-DC 4,000 Reciprocating 12V DC Powered 4"x36" 50" 1102
PMPS-60-AC 4,000 115V AC Powered 4"x36" 60" 1065
PMPS-60-AIR 4,000 Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 4"x36" 60" 1029
PMPS-60-DC 4,000 12V DC Powered 4"x36" 60" 1102
LL-PMPS-50-AC 1,200 115V AC Powered 4"x36" 50" 860
LL-PMPS-50-AIR 1,200 Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 4"x36" 50" 860
LL-PMPS-50-DC 1,200 12V DC Powered 4"x36" 50" 911
LL-PMPS-60-AC 1,200 115V AC Powered 4"x36" 60" 875
LL-PMPS-60-AIR 1,200 Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 4"x36" 60" 875
LL-PMPS-60-DC 1,200 12V DC Powered 4"x36" 60" 935
LL-PMPS-72-AC 1,200 115V AC Powered 4"x36" 72" 910
LL-PMPS-72-AIR 1,200 Reciprocating Air/oil Powered 4"x36" 72" 910
LL-PMPS-72-DC 1,200 12V DC Powered 4"x36" 72" 950

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