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Overpack Drum Dollies & Containers

Overpack Drum Dollies & Containers

Overpack Drum Dollies & Containers Features:

Transport containment units with Overpack Drum Dollies, series DRUM-SP. Designed to hold drum spill containers. These dollies roll smoothly on four swivel casters. Steel construction. Water-based enamel painted finish.  The Containment Units, model SSC-55, are specially designed to contain leaks and spills from 55-gallon drums during plant transport and storage. Either a fork truck or Overpack Drum Dolly can be used to transport the containment units. Overall size of container: 30¼" x 26"


Overpack Drum Dollies & Containers
Model PDF's Outside
Wt. (lbs)
DRUM-SP-28-12-C 28-3/8" 28" Steel 1,200 34
DRUM-SP-28-9-H 28-3/8" 28" Hard Rubber 900 32
DRUM-SP-32-12-C 32" 31-5/8" Steel 1,200 37
DRUM-SP-32-9-H 32" 31-5/8" Hard Rubber 900 34




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