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Mechanical Edge-O-Dock (series FM)

Mechanical Edge-O-Dock (series FM)

Mechanical Edge-O-Dock (series FM) Features:

The Mechanical Edge-O-Dock is operated by placing the actuation handle into the pocket of the inner lip and pulling down toward the floor. The operator then pushes the handle forward until the lip rests on the truck bed. As the trailer departs, the lip retracts behind the bumper face automatically.


Mechanical Edge-O-Docks
Model PDF's Type Usable Capacity Wt.
Width (lbs) (lbs)
FM-0648 Mechanical 48" Width 6,000 348
FM-2066 Mechanical 66" Width 20,000 514
FM-2072 Mechanical 72" Width 20,000 523
FM-2078 Mechanical 78" Width 20,000 583
FM-2566 Mechanical 66" Width 25,000 556
FM-2572 Mechanical 72" Width 25,000 575
FM-3066 Mechanical 66" Width 30,000 633
FM-3072 Mechanical 72" Width 30,000 709


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