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Light Load Lifts

Light Load Lifts


Light Load Lifts Features:

Lift and transport loads from delivery trucks to docks, or use to inventory storage systems. Easy to operate with either a hand winch or foot pump. The platform lifts approximately 1" per winch rotation or foot pump stroke. Available in steel or aluminum construction. Models with the suffix -FW roll smoothly on 6" x 2" poly-on-poly rear wheels with 2" semi-steel front wheels.

Models with the suffix -4SFL have 8" x 2" polyon-poly rear wheels, four swivel casters, and a hand operated floor lock. Located on the handle are two rollers to ease loading into delivery trucks. Horizontal load center is 10". Low Profile units have a deck height of ¼" with 2" high side lips.


Light Load Lifts
Model PDF Platform Size
Operation Wt.

Steel Construction

LLW-202058-FW* 20"x20" 3-1/8" to 58" 500 Winch 107
LLW-242060-4SFL 24"x20" 6-1/8" to 60" 500 Winch 198
LLH-202053-FW* 20"x20" 3-1/8" to 51-1/8" 500 Foot Pump 180
LLH-242056-4SFL 24"x20" 6-1/8" to 54-1/8" 500 Foot Pump 228
Aluminum Construction
ALLW-2020-FW* 20"x20" 3-1/8" to 58" 400 Winch 67
ALLW-2420-4SFL 24"x20" 6-1/8" to 60" 400 Winch 141
ALLH-2020-FW* 20"x20" 3-1/8" to 51-1/8" 400 Foot Pump 135
ALLH-2420-4SFL 24"x20" 6-1/8" to 54-1/8" 400 Foot Pump 172



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