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Lift & Tilt Workstation Tables

Lift & Tilt Workstation Tables

Lift & Tilt Workstation Tables Features:.

The Lift & Tilt Workstation Tables design of unit allows platform to lift & tilt at the same time for easy operation. Maximum tilt angle is 45° for better ergonomics and operator comfort. Service height range is 10" to 24" (to lowest point of platform surface). Platform end includes 12" high full-width lip to support containers.

  Internal power unit includes electric motor, hydraulic pump and control box. Operates with 24V AC hand control on 8 ft. cord. Choose 115/230V single phase or 208/230/460V three phase power.  Welded steel construction with blue painted finish.


Single Scissor Lift & Tilt
Model Number PDF's Platform size
Cylinders Max.
ULTT-3648-2-YEL 36"x48" 2,000 1 44° Internal 842
ULTT-4848-2-YEL 48"x48" 2,000 1 44° Internal 970
ULTT-5448-2-YEL 54"x48" 2,000 1 44° Internal 1045
ULTT-3648-4-YEL 36"x48" 4,000 2 44° Internal 861
ULTT-4848-4-YEL 48"x48" 4,000 2 44° Internal 982
ULTT-5448-4-YEL 54"x48" 4,000 2 44° Internal 1075
ULTT-3648-6-YEL 36"x48" 6,000 2 44° Internal 905
ULTT-4848-6-YEL 48"x48" 6,000 2 44° Internal 995
ULTT-5448-6-YEL 54"x48" 6,000 2 44° Internal 1090




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