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Lift & Tilt Carts with Sequence Select

Lift & Tilt Carts with Sequence Select


Lift & Tilt Carts with Sequence Select Features:

Model CART-500-LT has a unique design which allows the user to RAISE and TILT materials to an ergonomic position for better posture and operator comfort. The manual hydraulic foot pump controls the platform lift, lower and tilt. A manual selector valve is used to control the lift/lower sequence independently from the tilt sequence. The hinged platform includes a 6½" high retaining lip. Cart is portable with two rigid and two swivel 5" poly-on-steel casters.

Model CART-400-LT and CART-600-LT are elevated by means of a foot actuated hydraulic cylinder. As the table is raised, it simultaneously tilts to an angle of 45° at full elevation.  Built-in retaining lip keeps containers in place.

Lift & Tilt Carts with Sequence Select
Model PDFs Platform Size (WxL) Capacity
CART-500-LT 21-1/2"x40" 500 30º 16-1/2"to 36" 294
CART-400-LT 19-1/2"x30" 400 45º 13"to31" 245
CART-1000-LT 22"x33-1/2" 1,000 35° 17-5/8" to 34-1/4" 340
CART-600-LT 24"x36" 600 45º 14"to35" 355
Partially Stainless Steel Construction
CART-1000-LT-PSS* 22" x 33-5/8" 1000 40° 17-1/2" -35" 323

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