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Large Adjustable Work Platforms

Large Adjustable Work Platforms


Large Adjustable Work Platforms Description:


 These units are suitable for industrial applications and can be powered by air or electric drive units.  The platforms are also suitable for manufacturing and production areas where variable height and width adjustment are needed on long products or process areas.

This lift was designed to be used in the process of loading flatbed trailers.  It provides a fall prevention system and work area for staging the packing materials used in the construction of the shipping crates.  Some of the features of the platform are that it is 45’ long by 72” wide and travels from a lowered height of 5’ to a  maximum raised height of 12’-6” with a total platform capacity of 1500#.  The platform can move in towards and away from the flatbed trailer on a powered drive base guided by two rails, which are anchored to the floor.  The travel distance towards and away from the trailer is approximately 6’.

The platform has two independent control stations with one located in the corner by the entry gate and the other centered on the platform .  There is also a floor mounted Pedestal Control Station which includes Emergency Stop, Y-Axis movement (forward & backward), Z-axis movement (platform raise and lower) and a selector switch that determines whether the controls on the platform work independently or if you would need both controls activated in order to operate the lift.

Large Adjustable Work Platforms

Large Adjustable Work Platforms

This selector is a part of the customers safety program so that if two people are on the platform working, it is necessary to have both operators working the controls to minimize the potential for injury accessing the controls at the same time to minimize the potential for injury if there is only one worker, the pedestal controls can be set to allow operation from one platform control station.

Other features of the lift platform include a dunnage (storage) area behind the back railing for storing packing materials.  There is also a safety harness rail running the length of the platform.  This rail is mounted on the center rail of the platform, and is designed to allow for attachment of fall prevention lanyards.  Located by the control panels are utility connections for air tools and electrical outlets.

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