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Hydraulic Stackers

Hydraulic Stackers


Hydraulic Stackers Features:

Manual Stackers are designed to meet the most challenging tasks. Ideal for use in various workstation and workplace applications. Maintenance free and easy to use. Full height push handle for easy steering and excellent visibility through welded mesh guard. Optional removable platform available.

Manual Hand Winch Stackers feature a heavy duty mast and a unique winch design for easier and safer lifting. Lift and lower by hand winch and steel cable mechanism. 1" lift per handle revolution. Two rigid and two swivel wheels with brakes for easy maneuvering. 

Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump Stackers are sturdy and compact to fit through standard doors.  Forks are raised by manual hydraulic hand pump operation and released by a lever situated on the handle. 1" lift per handle pump. Two rigid and two swivel wheels standard.

Manual Hydraulic Stackers
Model Number PDFs Fork
Overall Size
 Manual Hand Winch Stackers
VWS-770-AA 30" 1-9/16"to60" 770 48"x44"x78" 361
VWS-770-FF 30" 3-3/8"to60" 770 24-1/2"x 48"x 77-1/2" 361
 Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump Stackers
VHPS-2000-AA 42-1/8" 1-3/8"to63" 2,000 53"x 60-1/4"x 81" 860
VHPS-2000-AA-17 42-1/8" 2"to17" 2,000 60-1/2"x 48"x 41" 490
VHPS-2000-AA-35 42-1/8" 2"to35" 2,000 60-1/2"x 48"x 55" 650
VHPS-3000-AA-17 42-1/8" 2"to17" 2,000 60-1/4"x 48"x 41" 570
VHPS-2000-FF 42-1/8" 3-3/4"to63" 2,000 27-3/8"x 60-1/4"x 82-1/4" 570
 Electric Winch Stacker/ Adjustable Legs & Forks
VWS-770-AA-DC 30" 1-9/16"to63" 770 45"x48"x78" 480
 Electric Winch Stacker/ Fixed Forks Over Fixed Legs
VWS-770-FF-DC 30" 3-3/8"to63" 770 26-3/4"x49"x78" 465

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