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HTL11532 TIERIII Telescopic Telehandler

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HTL11532 TIERIII Telescopic Telehandler track width is 6ft 7 inches. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377

HTL11532 TIERIII Telescopic Telehandler


HTL11532 TIERIII Telescopic Telehandler Features:


  • Performance and productivity
  • Optimized load rating
  • Rear axle lock and tilt corrector in standard
  • Flow sharing in standard enabling a simultaneous and proportional control of 4 movements
  • Powerful and durable
  • High strength monoblock chassis
  • Rough terrain capabilities
  • Hydrostatic transmission and inching pedal
  • Comfort and ergonomy
  • Driving position reducing fatigue at work
  • Load moment indicator (LMI) easy to read including automatic cut off dangerous movements
  • Smart control 4-in-1 joystick
  • High safety cab




Approach angle29 °
Lower rotation of forks122 °
Upper rotation of forks18 °
Lift capacity to full height11466 lbs
Lift capacity at full reach7717 lbs
Maximum lift capacity11466 lbs
Tilt correctorNo
Engine capacity268 in3
Wheelbase9 ft 6 in
Ground clearance19.6 in
Height to high boom pivot5 ft 9 in
Height8 ft 6 in
Maximum fork height32 ft 10 in
Engine oil1.8 gal
Overall width – stabilizers down11 ft
Cab width3 ft 2 in
Width8 ft
Length20 ft 7 in
Weight with forks23836 lbs
Reach at maximum fork height1 ft
Maximum forward reach18 ft 8 in
Engine power output70kW @ 2300rpm
Outside turning radius13 ft 1 in
Fuel tank34 gal
Tires type400/80-24
Speed in traveling mode0 mph
Speed in working mode18.6 mph
Track width6 ft 7 in
Engine torque392Nm @ 1400rpm


  • Backlit e-tronic dashboard
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer
  • Simultaneous and proportional controls for boom / telescopic arm / excavation and accessories movements
  • Safety valves on hydraulic jacks
  • Auxiliary hydraulic system
  • Cut-off of dangerous movements when overloaded
  • Tilt corrector: +/- 10°
  • ROPS/FOPS cabin with heating and ventilation
  • Hydraulic rear axle locking


  • Forks
  • 4-in-1 bucket and standard bucket
  • Jib attachment and winch
  • Winches
  • Air conditioning
  • Working lights
  • Metal windscreen protector (FOPS)
  • Rear camera
  • Reverse fan

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