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Toyota 39.4 Foot Telescopic Wheeled Boom Lift SP400C

Toyota 39.4 Foot Telescopic Wheeled Boom Lift SP400C

All Toyota 39.4 Foot Telescopic Wheeled Boom Lift SP400C are equipped with a harsh environment package featuring wipers on the boom sections, boots on the cylinders, and protection on pivots and bearing points.

  • The unique three-stage boom structure, standard on all wheeled boom lifts, allows for the most compact stowed position in the industry.
  •  IML’s SP-Series wheeled boom lifts offer a wide working range, excellent maneuverability and smooth operation.
  • As the products also are able to be in a low, compact stowed position, operators in smaller sites or with height restrictions also receive the same maneuvering capabilities.
  •  The shorter showed length also makes parking simple and can reduce transportation costs as both a boom lift and a scissor lift can fit on a standard trailer.
  • The wheeled boom lifts include a pull-out hosing and cartridge system for easy maintenance of boom hoses and cables.
  • The articulating jib boom models provide nearly 6 feet of extra horizontal or vertical reach and a 130 degrees working range for increased flexibility.
  • Available models feature a boom height of 39’4” and a 45’7” jib-equipped model. All feature a durable Yanmar engine and 8’ or optional 6’ long baskets with 500lb.-550lbs. capacities.
Toyota 39.4 Foot Telescopic Wheeled Boom Lift SP400C Performance:
  • Proportional control system provides smooth and precise positioning of the unit and basket in the most critical of areas.
  • The 8-foot long basket is self leveling through its full range of motion and rotates a full 180-degrees for maximized maneuverability without repositioning the boom.
  • An extra large 32-gallon fuel tank is featured on all IML boom models to provide more productivity throughout the work day.
  • The high ground clearance and exceptional gradeability allows the IML boom lift models to go where no other boom lift will.
  • 3-speed drive system with high speed, torque and turtle modes allows exceptional performance on any surface.
  • IML boom lifts are designed with a unique 3-stage telescopic reach mechanism which maximizes horizontal outreach and boom stowed position, providing a wide working range. The compact size provides exceptional maneuverability and effective transportability
 Toyota 39.4 Foot Telescopic Wheeled Boom Lift SP400C Serviceability:
  • Hydraulic hoses and electrical cables are fully protected within IML’s exclusive BoomCartridge System, which provides unmatched serviceability access.
  Toyota 39.4 Foot Telescopic Wheeled Boom Lift SP400C Durability:
  • A harsh environment package featuring wipers on the boom sections, boots on the cylinders and protection on pivots and bearing points is standard on all IML boom lifts.
  • One-piece steel crawler drive chassis allows for an extremely rugged and stable drive platform designed for the harsh environments the SR-Series will encounter.
  • The internal hosing cartridge is fully protected from external impacts and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Large hoods with heavy-duty locking hatches provide significant protection to the engine, plumbing and electrical system. The hoods open fully to maximize serviceability access.
  • The oversized turntable and worm drive gear system allow a very fine degree of control, while limiting play in the mechanism and decreasing wear on the system.
  • Durable covers protect all hosing from potential impact damage by keeping exposure to a minimum.
  • Steel tracks handle most terrain with confidence.Adding the rubber track pad option allows the unit to travel on paved surfaces with minimum damage.


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