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Hand Winch Lift Trucks

Hand Winch Lift Trucks

Hand Winch Lift Trucks Features:

Compact lift trucks are designed to lift material to and from shelves, move office equipment, and install ceiling/wall appliances. Constructed of durable steel-and-aluminum. The rugged 4" wide by 1." thick steel forks measure 22" long (20." O.D.). Operated by a hand-crank winch that features a reversible handle and a hold-down device for securing the carriage during transport. Forks raise 1" per complete hand crank rotation. The non-adjustable forks can be inverted to provide different height ranges. Two 8" non-marking rear wheels, two 2" front swivel casters.

Optional aluminum ladder, model A-LIFT-LAD, can be retrofitted or ordered with your standard or straddle A-LIFT. Ladder retracts into unit upright when not in use. Ladder measures 18"W x 68."H with 11." rung spacing.

Hand Winch Lift Trucks
Model Capacity (lbs) Lowered Height Raised Height Forks Down/Up Overall Size Wt.
(WxLxH) (lbs)
 Standard Design (Fixed Straddle Width: 12-3/4" (I.D.) and 21" (O.D.))
A-LIFT-R 500 3½"/23½" 47"/67" 24"x35"x   68-3/4" 136
A-LIFT-R-HP 400 3½"/23½" 97"/117" 24"x35"x   67-5/16" 140
 Straddle Design (Adjustable Straddle Width: 21-3/4" to 36-1/4" (I.D.) and 29"to43-7/8" (O.D.))
A-LIFT-S 500 1¼"/21¼" 47-1/4"/    68-7/8"  43-7/8"x        42-1/2"x    67-5/16" 140
A-LIFT-S-HP 400 1¼"/21¼" 98-7/16"/ 120" 43-7/8"x42-1/2"x67-5/16" 145
A-LIFT-S-EHP 350 1¼"/21¼"       122"/       143-11/16" 43-7/8"x42-1/2"x79-1/8" 154
 Counter-Balance Design (Adjustable Straddle Width: (I.D.) 21-1/2"to 36-1/2 and (O.D.) 28-1/4 to 43-1/4
A-LIFT-CB 500 2"/21¼" 47-1/2"/    68-7/8" 43-1/4"x 45-7/8"x 67-15/16" 396
A-LIFT-CB-HP 400 2"/21¼" 98-7/16"/  120" 43-1/4"x 45-7/8"x 67-15/16" 418
A-LIFT-CB-EHP 350 2"/21¼" 122"/143-11/16" 43-1/4"x 46"x 79-1/8" 449

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