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Full Featured Deluxe Pallet Truck

Full Featured Deluxe Pallet Truck

Full Featured Deluxe Pallet Truck Features:

An economical way for one person to move heavy pallet loads without the use of a fork truck!  Includes two articulating steering wheels and two front load rollers. Ergonomic design requires only 75 pounds of pulling force when fully loaded. Steering wheels include bearing dust covers for added life. Nose wheels are located on the front edge of each fork to assist in clean pallet entrance and exit. 

Reinforced triple-formed steel forks provide twice the strength of standard single-formed forks. Forks are 6." wide each. Equipped with internally mounted solid steel adjustable push rods. Spring loaded handle automatically returns to vertical position when not in use. Hydraulic pump design facilitates easy-access seal replacement. Chrome-plated hydraulic pump piston for long seal life. 

Model PM5-2748-FP raises and lowers with a foot pump mechanism.

Full Featured Deluxe Pallet Truck
Model Number PDF's Capacity
Fork Dim.
PM5-2036 5,500 20"Wx36"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 210
PM5-2736 5,500 27"Wx36"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 210
PM5-2048 5,500 20-5/8"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 210
PM5-2748 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 210
PM5-2748-PINK 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 216
PM5-2748-N* 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 227
PM5-2748-S** 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 222
PM5-2748-FP 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 220
PM4-2072 4,400 20-5/8"Wx72"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 284
PM4-2772 4,400 27"Wx72"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 301
PM4-2096 4,000 20-5/8"Wx96"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 402
PM4-2796 4,000 27"Wx96"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 382
PM6-2748 6,000 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 212
PM10-2245** 10,000 22-3/4"Wx45-1/4"L 3-1/2"to7-7/8" 423
PM5-2048-6PKG 5,500 20-5/8"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4"
PM5-2748-6PKG 5,500 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4" 1100
PM6-2748-6PKG 6,000 27"Wx48"L 2-7/8"-7-3/4"
* Nylon Wheels / **Steel Wheels (ALL OTHERS ARE POLY-ON-STEEL)
 Foot Brake Kit Option, model PM5-FB 
 Low Temp Oil For Freezer Applications, model CWHF-SM

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