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Ergonomic Matting

Ergonomic Matting

Ergonomic Matting Features:

Provide your workers the comfort cushioning they deserve while standing long hours at a time.  These mats are ideal for use at industrial workstations, retail stores, restaurants and offices. Three different styles to choose from.


Ergonomic Matting
Model PDFs Color Description Overall Size (WxL) Thickness  Wt. (lbs)
CK-35 Blue Comfort King Matting 3'x5' 3/8" 12
CK-310 Blue Comforts King Matting 3'x10' 3/8" 24
MAT-EZ-23 Black Anti-fatigue 2'x3' 3/4" 12
MAT-EZ-35 Black Anti-fatigue 3'x5' 3/4" 30
MAT-EZ-310 Black Anti-fatigue 3'x10' 3/4" 60
MAT-EZ-312 Black Anti-fatigue 3'x12' 3/4" 72
MAT-DP-23 Black& Yellow Diamond Plate 2'x3' 9/16" 6
MAT-DP-35 Black& Yellow Diamond Plate 3'x5' 9/16" 115
MAT-DP-310 Black &Yellow Diamond Plate 3'x10' 9/16" 30
MAT-DP-312 Black& Yellow Diamond Plate 3'x12' 9/16" 36
MAT-CT-23 Black Counter Tread 2'x3' 1/2" 12
MAT-CT-35 Black Counter Tread 3'x5' 1/2" 30
MAT-CT-310 Black Counter Tread 3'x10' 1/2" 60
MAT-CT-312 Black Counter Tread 3'x12' 1/2" 72



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