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Dispensing Bottles

Dispensing Bottles

Dispensing Bottles Features:

Translucent bottles allow easy viewing of contents. All dispensing bottles and wash bottles hold liquids up to 150°F. Bottles are made from FDA compliant low density polyethylene (LDPE); caps are made from FDA compliant polypropylene (PP).

Series BTL-RC: Dispensing bottles with removable red cap are great
for accurate dispensing in small areas. Caps are designed to dispense
container contents through a hole at the end of cone-shaped spout.

Series BTL-RF: Dispensing bottles with flip-top caps. Flip the top open to dispense contents safely. When finished flip the cap down.

Series BTL-RD: Dispensing bottles with single-drop caps are designed
for accurately dispensing very small quantities. Each dropper top is fitted with a small attached cap to stay in place while bottle is in use.

Series BTL-NT: No-Tip side dispensing bottles are designed to allow
dispensing from bottle in an upright position. Contents are drawn from
the bottom of the bottle to allow dispensing without tipping or shaking.

Series BTL-WN: Narrow mouth wash bottles dispense by drawing
contents up the stem and out through the top cap.

Series BTL-WW: Wide mouth wash bottles are designed for easy filling.  Available with clear, blue, red, green and yellow caps. Color-coded caps allow for easy identification between contents and promote safer working conditions.

Dispensing Bottles
Model PDF's Capacity
Color Wt.
A BTL-RC-1 1 Red Cap Clear 0.024
A BTL-RC-2 2 Red Cap Clear 0.024
A BTL-RC-4 4 Red Cap Clear 0.048
A BTL-RC-6 6 Red Cap Clear 0.072
A BTL-RC-8 8 Red Cap Clear 0.096
A BTL-RC-16 16 Red Cap Clear 0.24
A BTL-RC-32 32 Red Cap Clear 0.35
B BTL-RF-1 1 Flip-Top Natural 0.08
B BTL-RF-2 2 Flip-Top Natural 0.08
B BTL-RF-4 4 Flip-Top Natural 0.016
B BTL-RF-8 8 Flip-Top Natural 0.20
B BTL-RF-16 16 Flip-Top Natural 0.28
B BTL-RF-32 32 Flip-Top Natural 0.35
C BTL-RD-4 4 Single Drop Clear 0.05
C BTL-RD-8 8 Single Drop Clear 0.10
D BTL-NT-4 4 Side Dispensing No Tip Clear 0.14
Wash Bottles
Model PDF Capacity
Color Wt.
E BTL-WN-4 4 Narrow Mouth Natural 0.05
E BTL-WN-8 8 Narrow Mouth Natural 0.09
E BTL-WN-16 16 Narrow Mouth Natural 0.14
E BTL-WN-32 32 Narrow Mouth Natural 0.22
F BTL-WW-4 4 Wide Mouth Clear 0.75
F BTL-WW-8 8 Wide Mouth Clear 0.09
F BTL-WW-16 16 Wide Mouth Clear 0.17
F BTL-WW-32 32 Wide Mouth Clear 0.24
G BTL-WW-4B 4 Wide Mouth Blue 0.75
G BTL-WW-8B 8 Wide Mouth Blue 0.09
G BTL-WW-16B 16 Wide Mouth Blue 0.17
G BTL-WW-32B 32 Wide Mouth Blue 0.24
H BTL-WW-4R 4 Wide Mouth Red 0.75
H BTL-WW-8R 8 Wide Mouth Red 0.09
H BTL-WW-16R 16 Wide Mouth Red 0.17
H BTL-WW-32R 32 Wide Mouth Red 0.24
I BTL-WW-4G 4 Wide Mouth Green 0.75
I BTL-WW-8G 8 Wide Mouth Green 0.09
I BTL-WW-16G 16 Wide Mouth Green 0.17
I BTL-WW-32G 32 Wide Mouth Green 0.24
J BTL-WW-4Y 4 Wide Mouth Yellow 0.75
J BTL-WW-8Y 8 Wide Mouth Yellow 0.09
J BTL-WW-16Y 16 Wide Mouth Yellow 0.17
J BTL-WW-32Y 32 Wide Mouth Yellow 0.24

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