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Counter-Balanced Stackers

Counter-Balanced Stackers

Counter-Balanced Stackers Features:

Move small loads from one place to another without the need for oversized fork truck equipment.  Counterbalance design allows the operator complete access to three sides of the load. The open front enables the forks to be next to workstation for easy loading and unloading. Standard 12V DC power lift with on-board charger. Includes counterbalance. Push buttons to raise and lower lift are located on power unit. Optional hand control on coil cord available. Key-operated ON/OFF control for better security is built into the power unit.



Counter-Balanced Powered Drive Lift
Model PDFs Fork Size (WxL) Lowered Height Raised Height Capacity
Raised Ht.
Raised Ht.
S-CB-62 6-3/8 to 23-5/8"x30" 1-3/16" 62" 1,100 lbs. -- 1817
S-CB-118 6-3/8 to 23-5/8"x30" 1-3/16" 118" 1,100 lbs. 500 lbs. 2012
AGM-UPG-2-12V AGM Battery Upgrade (2x12V) w/ purchase of above units 80
S-2CB-62* 8-3/8 to 23-1/4"x36-1/4" 2" 62" 2,000 lbs. -- 2774
S-2CB-118* 8-3/8 to 23-1/4"x36-1/4" 2" 118" 2,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs. 2728
S-2CB-42-FK Optional 42" Long Forks (only for model S-2CB-62 or 118) 1,200 lbs. 600 lbs. 199
AGM-UPG-4-6V AGM Battery Upgrade (4x6V) w/ purchase w/ new unit
*Includes rider platform



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