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Aluminum Pallets

Aluminum Pallets

Aluminum Pallets Features:

This is the pallet the food and chemical industries have always wanted. Easy to clean with a power washer. Stands up to high-power steam, brushes or pads. Features a non-skid surface for easy transportation of all products. Durable and re-usable. Heavy-duty welded aluminum construction.


Aluminum Pallets
Model PDF Description Uniform Supported Floor (static) Capacity (lbs) Overall
Fork Openings (WxH) Wt. (lbs)
AP-4048-4W Alum 4 way Pallet 6,000 40"Wx47-7/8"Lx5 1/16"H 19 9/16" and 15 13/16" wide 85
AP-4048 Aluminum Pallet 6,000 40-1/8"Wx48"Lx6"H 18-5/16"x4-5/6" 84
AP-4248-4W Alum 4 way Pallet 6,000 42"Wx47-7/8"Lx5 1/16"H 19 9/16" and 16 5/8" wide 87
AP-4248 Aluminum Pallet 6,000 42-1/8"Wx48"Lx6"H 19-5/16"x4-5/16" 86
AP-4848-4W Alum 4 way Pallet 6,000 48"Wx47-7/8"Lx5 1/16"H 19 9/16" and 19 9/16" wide 90
AP-4848 Aluminum Pallet 6,000 48-1/8"Wx48"Lx6"H 22-5/16"x4-5/16" 89



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