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Aluminum Mini Carousels

Aluminum Mini Carousels

Aluminum Mini Carousels Features:

Designed for efficient loading and unloading operations. With an aluminum construction, the carousel rings can be placed on an existing work bench, scissor table, or even place on the floor.  Additional features include; internally sealed roller bearings, guide rollers, and a powder coat finish.


Aluminum Mini Carousels
Model PDFs Diameter Height Capacity
Net Wt.
CA-5-12 12" 1" 250 3
CA-5-14 14" 1" 250 3
CA-5-24 24" 1-1/4" 250 8


Aluminum mini carousels for unloading or loading purposes makes the process become more efficient while minimizing the amount of fatigue being experienced. These carousels can be used in a variety of different applications. Place them on an existing workbench. Use them with a scissor table. They can even be placed on the floor to improve productivity.

Aluminum carousels for loading and unloading feature specific components that contribute to their overall durability.

  • Internally sealed roller bearings allow the mini carousel to perform consistently, no matter where it may have been placed.
  • Guide rollers allow the mini carousel to transfer loads smoothly and evenly across the supporting surface, helping to keep the rings aligned properly.
  • A powder-coat finish makes sure that the mini carousel can be as tough as possible to meet your specific needs.

Multiple diameter options are available when looking at the best aluminum mini carousels for unloading or loading purposes. Current options that are in-stock right now include diameters between 12-24 inches. Each has a capacity of 250-500 pounds, while still being lightweight, with a maximum product weight of just 8 pounds. Each has a height

The unique design of the modern carousel prevents debris entry while being able to maintain grease for the bearings more effectively. There multiple bolt locations to make mounting a simple process, while the captured bearing design prevents ring separation. Thanks to the aluminum foundation, each mini carousel is also naturally resistant to corrosion.
If you’re looking for a way to improve your operations that is simple and surprisingly affordable then aluminum carousels for loading and unloading could meet your needs. Contact our team today to discuss the many benefits of an aluminum mini carousel or select the model that best fits your current needs and you’ll be able to take your business and brand to the next level.

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