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Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard

Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard

Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard Features:

These dockboards are lightweight and can be carried and positioned by one person. Provides a safe and convenient bridge between dock and truck. Welded aluminum diamond tread surface and beveled edges provide safe and smooth entry and exit. The bend is designed to keep ramp edges flush with dock surface and truck floor.

Equipped with bolted locking legs.  Full length aluminum curbs provide hand holds and reduce chance of roll off. 800 pound capacity. Designed for use with two wheel hand trucks. 3/16" plate thickness. Manufactured in compliance with OSHA.


Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboards
Model PDFs Overall
Overall Length Height Diff. Wt.
AHTD-3036 31-1/4" 28" 35-7/8" 5-1/2" 35
AHTD-3048 31-1/4" 28" 47-7/8" 8-1/2" 46
AHTD-3648 37-1/3" 34" 47-7/8" 8-1/2" 51
AHTD-3660 37-1/4" 34" 59-7/8" 11-1/2" 65
AHTD-3672 37-1/4" 34" 71-7/8" 14-1/2" 75
AHTD-3696 37-1/4" 34" 95-7/8" 17-1/2" 107
Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard-Options
Model Description
Dock Plate Rack
No Handles
One Handle
Smooth Deck Plate (Diamond side down)
Special Bend or Location of Bend
Special Location of Legs
Anti-Theft Chain (144")
Extra Pair of Legs with Handles & Hardware




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