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Aerial Work Platform Batteries

Aerial Work Platform Batteries


You need power when working on an aerial work platform. Although there are several options available to you for this need, one of the best and most affordable methods is to use an aerial work platform battery.
When you have a deep-cycle battery available, you have reliable power. No matter what demands your equipment may put on this resource or what the conditions may be, you can rest assured that your AWP battery will help you get the job done.

There are several aerial work platform battery manufacturers that produce outstanding power resources today. Each as its own advantages and could be a good solution for your work site needs. For consistency, durability, and performance, however, there isn’t a better AWP battery than a Trojan battery.

How good are Trojan batteries? Their Plus Series was awarded the Best Overall in the LLEAP Awards, presented by Lift and Access magazine.

Here is what you can expect when you choose Trojan batteries for your aerial work platforms.

  • Proprietary Options. Trojan offers their Maxguard® T2 as an advanced design separator and Alpha Plus® with T2 technology as a paste formulation that creates a longer overall battery life. You receive longer running times with this technology and the amount of maintenance that is required is decreased.
  • Better Productivity. Because of its better performance, Trojan batteries provide teams with less down time. That means more productivity and a better overall performance in virtually any conditions.
  • Heavy Service Applications. You can also purchase select Trojan batteries that offer Polyon® This adds another level of durability to the overall performance of this power resource, allowing it to serve your heavy service application needs.

Trojan batteries are available through a worldwide network of Master Distributors, allowing you to have confidence in the products being purchased. Whether you choose us or another provider, you’ll still receive the benefits and advantages that only Trojan offers with their extensive line of aerial work platform batteries.

When you choose Trojan, you’ll also be gaining access to an extensive network of technical support. This includes phone and online support, whichever is more convenient for you when you need the help.

Which Trojan Battery is Best for You?


Trojan batteries offer 6-volt and 12-volt options for your aerial work platform battery needs. Here are the options which are currently available.

6V Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries

6V-GEL 6V Deep Cycle Gel Battery

J250G 6V Deep Cycle Battery

J250P 6V Deep Cycle Battery

J305E-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

J305G-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

J305H-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

J305P-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

L16E-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

L16G-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

L16H-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

L16P-AC 6V Deep Cycle Battery

T-105 6V Deep Cycle Battery

T-105 Plus 6V Deep Cycle Battery

T-125 6V Deep Cycle Battery

T-125 Plus 6V Deep Cycle Battery

TE35-GEL 6V Deep Cycle Gel Battery

12V Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries


27-GEL 12V Deep Cycle Gel Battery

31-GEL 12V Deep Cycle Gel Battery

5SHP-GEL 12V Deep Cycle Gel Battery

T-1275 Plus Deep Cycle Battery

Whether you operate a scissors lift or you’re working on virtually any type of aerial work platform, Trojan batteries are designed to outperform the rest of the competition. You can simplify your routines, maximize performance, and take the guesswork out of what it is that you do.

Order your aerial work platform batteries today.

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