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Why Should You Use A Rolling Ladder?

July 11, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

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Rolling ladders are mobile aerial access equipment which can easily be moved from one place to another. They are extensively used in the industrial sector for various applications. They can also be found in schools, hospitals, and libraries for reaching items placed on high shelves.

rolling ladderRolling ladders are fitted with swivel casters so that they can be maneuvered into narrow passageways and cramped spaces.

Since these ladders are very light, handling them is not much of a problem. A single person can easily move them around. They are usually made of aluminum because of its non-magnetic property and resistance to the effects of corrosion.

Are rolling ladders safe?

Rolling ladders are very safe to use. They are designed keeping the safety requirements of OSHA in mind. These requirements cover all aspects of the ladders ranging from hand rails and stair width to maintenance and inspection related issues.

It is also compulsory for the workers using these ladders to receive adequate training to ensure that they use them correctly and avoid accidents.

Several important features are added to rolling ladders to make them safer:

  • Safety railings are added to provide extra protection for the workers.
  • The steps of the ladders can be made skid proof by using corrugated metal for their construction. A slip resistant coating can also be applied to the steps to reduce chances of workers slipping and injuring themselves.
  • Rolling ladders usually have four wheels. However, some have six wheels fixed to their base to provide maximum stability. Two of the installed wheels are capable of swiveling to make it easier for the workers to maneuver the ladder.
  • Ladders are also provided with a braking mechanism which locks the ladder in its place and prevents it from being moved.
  • Hand rails are added to rolling ladders which have more than five steps.
  • Guard rails are compulsory for all rolling ladder more than 10 feet in height. These ladders also have wider steps than the shorter ones.

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