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How to Use Forklift Cages Safely?

April 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Forklifts EquipmentWorking at a height can often be an uphill task and not having the appropriate equipment may lead to employees opting for sub-optimal methods of reaching areas that are inaccessible.

This can put the employee at high risk and is classified under reckless behavior.

A great variety of equipment are available to work at heights which includes adjustable work platforms, truck mounted scissor lifts, cantilever rolling ladders, tower scaffolds along with man-baskets and non-integrated workplatforms (MEWPs).

Let’s have a look at what non-integrated work platforms are and how to address the safety concerns related to it.

Definition Of A Non-Integrated Work Platform

Also known as a forklift cages or a man cage, non-integrated work platforms are designed for the basic purpose of being used in combination with a forklift truck. The whole setup helps elevate the person at the required height so that the job can be done without hassle.

The person at a height cannot monitor his movement and the control is in the hands of the truck operator. Integrated attachments are also available, which gives the person control to maneuver his movement. However, non-integrated cages are more prevalent as an aerial solution.

Safety Precautions To Take With Fork Lift Cages

ForkLifts Work PlatformTypically, any work that is to be carried out on a height needs to be assessed for any risk factors associated with it.

Here are some safety precautions to keep in mind at all times when working with fork lift cages:


  • Make sure that the fork lift cage is compatible with the truck it is being used in conjunction with.
  • An adequately trained person should be given the authority to carry out the pre-checks.
  • The working platform should be free from any geometrical attachments that may shift or tilt during the elevation.
  • The truck operator and the engineers on the work platform should have established lines of communication through learned hand gestures.
  • Leaning out of the platform or standing on the platform’s guardrails is highly unadvisable. In case the engineer needs to lean out, he should be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This is a full body harness which is accompanied by a lanyard attached to a stable anchor point.


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