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Simple Measures for Preserving the Efficiency of Industrial Lifts

September 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


Proper maintenance of your industrial lifts and other aerial access solutions will allow you to get the most out of these sophisticated machines. There are numerous aerial lifts and work platforms available in the market that are designed for various kinds of industrial operations. However, there are a few common maintenance measures that you can employ to any type of industrial lift to ensure that it always functions at optimum efficiency.

Maintenance tips for industrial lifts

In order to ensure that your industrial lift is safe to use for standard operation, following these simple, but useful, suggestions:

  1. Maintaining the platform of industrial lifts

  • Regularly check the lock bolts to ensure that they are tight
  • Ensure that all the switches are in neutral position
  • Before the commencement of maintenance work, test the foot switch to ensure that is it fully functional
  • Inspect the guard railings and safety latches to ensure that they are free from cracks. If you do spot a flaw, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  1. Maintenance of the lifting mechanism

  • The boom of the lift must be inspected to ensure that it is in working condition and the pins and pivot points are firmly attached to the main structure. If you notice signs of wear and tear, get in touch with the manufacturer of the equipment to get it fixed.
  • Be sure to lubricatethe joints of the lifting mechanism on a regular basis
  • Ensure that the control valves are not leaky
  • Check the wires to ensure that their coverings are not damaged


  1. Maintenance of the lift frame

  • The tires under the frame must be properly inflated to ensure that the lift has a stable base
  • Check the braking system for signs of wear and tear and immediately replace any worn out parts
  • Remove dirt that might accumulate under the structure of the frame from time to time
  1. Maintenance of the lift’s engine

  • Check the oil in the engine and always be sure to maintain it at the level recommended by the manufacturer of the lift
  • The engine’s filters and exhaust systems must be fully operational to ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat
  • Check the fuel lines and hydraulic pump for leaks
  • Make sure that all its moving parts are properly lubricated

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