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Wall Jibs (for low ceilings)

Wall Jibs (for low ceilings)


Wall Jibs (for low ceilings) Features:

Designed to assist workers in the maneuvering of materials as well as achieving maximum headroom where low ceilings are of concern. This cantilever style mounts to true vertical wall members. Increase personnel productivity by lifting awkward material capacities.  

The overall I-beam length is 88" with a usable length of 80". Overall length of jib is 96⅛". Unit rotates 180°. Hoist and trolley can be ordered separately

Wall Jibs (for low ceilings)
Model Under I-Beam I-BEAM Overall Capacity Wt.
To Bottom (Flange Width x Height (lbs) (lbs)
Frame Height)
JIB-LC-3 57" 2-11/16"x4" 61" 300 304
JIB-LC-6 57" 4"x6" 63" 600 328
JIB-LC-10 57" 4"x6" 63" 1,000 332
JIB-LC-20 57" 4"x10-1/8" 67-1/8" 2,000 405


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