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Tilting Drum Dollies

Tilting Drum Dollies


Tilting Drum Dollies Features:

Round steel drum dolly designed exclusively for 55 gallon drums. Includes unique feature to tilt drums 10° for better liquid extraction. Tilting feature is foot-operated and locks into place when activated. Dolly includes four swivel casters for maximum maneuverability. Patent pending.


Tilting Drum Dollies
Model PDF Caster
Capacity (lbs)
Capacity (lbs)
DRUM-QUAD-H-TLT Hard Rubber 200 900 28
DRUM-QUAD-C-TLT Cast Iron 200 1,200 28
DRUM-TRI-H-TLT Hard Rubber 200 900 22
DRUM-TRI-C-TLT Cast Iron 200 1,200 24
DRUM-DRH-HR-TLT Hard Rubber 200 1,000 27



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