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Tank Top Lift Ladder

Tank Top Lift Ladder

Tank Top Lift Ladder Features:
  • Provides easy access to tank trucks, railroad cars or other applications
  • For use on hard level surfaces
  • 48" long cantilevered platforms
  • Hydraulic hand pump raises and lowers platform
  • Step and deck tread is open serrated grating, while slip resistant rungs provide access when platform is raised
  • Base is 28" wide and 60" long, fixed outriggers spread 69"
  • Full rails on both sides with gates at each end
  • Recommended Option: 30" extension railing
  • Manually propelled
  • Two swivel and two rigid 8" casters for use on hard surfaces
  • Two adjustable stabilizing jacks secure lifts to ground
  • Available with a fixed platform height
  • 300 lbs. load capacity
  • Standard finish deep gray enamel paint, safety orange also available

Tank Top Lift Ladder Specifications:

Model Number Platform Max Height Min Platform Length Platform Width Under-clearance Height Weight Lbs.
13' 8 "
9' 4"
Adjustable 9' to 13'
13' 8 "
9' 4"
Non-Adjustable 9' to 13'
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