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Steel Drum Heaters

Steel Drum Heaters

Steel Drum Heaters Features:

Quickly and efficiently heat-up your steel drums or pails. Solves a wide range of freeze protection, viscosity control, and process temperature applications.  Easily adjust thermostat set-point: 50 to 425ºF.  This extra-wide 4” silicone rubber band heater is moisture and chemical resistant. Multi-stranded grounded heating element provides uniform heat and a long service life.  Spring closure can be expanded 3”.  Unit comes with a 6ft long power cord, grounded 3-prong (240 V, excluded, no plug)


Steel Drum Heaters
Model PDFs Drum
Volts Watts Strap
Amps Wt. (lbs)
DRH-S-5 5 Gallon Steel Pail 120 550 4" 4.5 3
DRH-S-15 15 Gallon Steel Drum 120 700 4" 4.5 3
DRH-S-30 30 Gallon Steel Drum 120 1000 4" 4.5 4
DRH-S-55 55 Gallon Steel Drum 120 1200 4" 4.5 5
DRH-S-55-240 55 Gallon Steel Drum 240 (no Plug) 1200 4" 2.3 5



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