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Stainless Steel Zero-Low Scissor Lift Tables

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Stainless Steel Zero-Low Scissor Lift Table Features: 250 to 50,000 lb. capacities, up to 96 in. raised height Ground level, roll-on loading, roll-off unloading The first scissor lift table to lower t

Stainless Steel Zero-Low Scissor Lift Tables

Stainless Steel Zero-Low Scissor Lift Table Features:

250 to 50,000 lb. capacities, up to 96 in. raised height

Ground level, roll-on loading, roll-off unloading

  • The first scissor lift table to lower to ground level for easy loading of wheeled cart or pallet truck.

No required lifting decreases possibility of worker injuries

  • Zero-Low lift eliminates the need to lift loads 8 to 10 inches to load other tables. Worker strain and the potential for lost time due to injuries are minimized.

A variety of uses means greater material handling versatility

  • Eliminate inconvenience and expense of ramps, pits and fork trucks.

Wheel-mounted option available for added flexibility and mobility
Various power options available

  • Power sources available include 110 volt a.c.; 220/440 volt, 3 phase; 12V or 24V DC battery (battery not included); or air-powered for hazardous operations.

Tables designed for smooth, easy, and safe operation

  • Dual scissors, aided by a torsion bar, are synchronized for level, uniform lift.
  • Each cylinder is hydraulically activated.
  • Pressure relief valve prevents overloading.

Self-propelled models offer maximum handling efficiency

  • Can be used anywhere, anytime. Since all models are economically priced, expensive fork lifts can be virtually eliminated. Electric powerpacks (with batteries included) are standard.

Double Acting Cylinder Package

  • All standard scissor lift tables have hydraulic lift up and gravity lowering.  If lowering speed is required, then order optional Double Acting Power System.

    Lift Table Options :


    Size (in.)
    Height (in.)
    Travel (in.)
    Size (in.)
    Height (in.)
    Height (in.)
    Electric Motor
    Air Motor (suffix -A)
    25026 x 363/82243 x 40830ZLA-2636E
    2,00026 x 541/23643 x 58844ZLD-2654E
    50034 x 663/84251 x 70850ZLB-3466E
    50050 x 483/83267 x 52840ZLB-5048E
    1,00050 x 481/23267 x 52840ZLC-5048E
    2,00050 x 481/23267 x 52840ZLD-5048E
    4,00050 x 483/43269 x 52840ZLE-5048E
    50050 x 723/84667 x 761056ZLB-5072E
    1,00050 x 721/24667 x 761056ZLC-5072E
    2,00050 x 721/24667 x 761056ZLD-5072E
    4,00050 x 723/44669 x 761056ZLE-5072E
    4,00050 x 843/45472 x 881064ZLH-45084E
    4,00050 x 1203/47872 x 1241088ZLH-450120E
    4,00060 x 843/45481 x 881064ZLH-46084E
    4,00060 x 1203/47881 x 1241088ZLH-460120E
    6,00050 x 483/43276 x 52840ZLH-65048E
    6,00050 x 723/44676 x 761056ZLH-65072E
    6,00050 x 843/45476 x 881064ZLH-65084E
    6,00050 x 1203/47876 x 1241088ZLH-650120E
    6,00060 x 723/44686 x 761056ZLH-66072E
    6,00060 x 841 1/25486 x 881064ZLH-66084E
    6,00060 x 1201 1/27886 x 1241088ZLH-660120E
    10,00060 x 721 1/24690.5 x 781561ZLH-106072E
    10,00060 X 841 1/25690.5 X 941571ZLH-106084E
    10,00060 X 1201 1/27290.5 X 1301575ZLH-1060120E
    10,00060 X 1561 1/29690.5 X 1661596ZLH-1060156E
    NOTE: Manual, battery, air, & gas powered units also available.

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