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Series35 Air Compressors

Series35 BOSS Air Compressors are Big enough to handle the toughest jobs. Small enough to be versatile and light weight. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377

Series35 Air Compressors


Series35 Air Compressors Features:


Rotary Screw Compressor

Big enough to handle the toughest jobs. Small enough to be versatile and light weight.

Compact system integrates all major components on a single frame.

A modular, belt-driven hydraulic drive rotary screw air compressor, the Series35 incorporates the latest in rotary screw technology to deliver instant pressure and continuous output - 35 CFM at up to 175 PSI.




  • Guarantees continuous output of up to 35 CFM at 175 PSI
  • With built-in access ports and a hinged canopy panel, virtually all components are accessible for maintenance and service.
  • Compact, strategically engineered design allows the compressor to fit just about anywhere on your truck body.
  • Includes all major components: air end, oil receiver tank, thermal valve, air inlet filter, and air pressure regulator
  • System incorporates a hydraulic cooler in conjunction with the compressor cooler as standard equipment.
  • A safety switch for high discharge temperature and a high pressure relief valve are standard equipment.



  • Max CFM = 35
  • Max PSI = 100
  • Hydraulic GPM = 7.75 – 13.25
  • Hydraulic PSI = 1,600
  • Recommended minimum hydraulic reservoir size 30 gallons
  • Electric System = 12 VDC
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