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Series 500 (90º Tilt)

Series 500 (90º Tilt)

Series 500 (90º Tilt) Features:

The model EM1-500 incorporates many of the quality features found in the series EM1-200 but features a full 90º of tilt.  This model is ideal for upending products in shipping and receiving operations.  This model must be lagged to the floor.


Efficiency Master Tilt Table Series 500
Model PDF's Useable Size (WxL) Capacity
of Tilt
Horizontal Height Wt. (lbs)
EM1-500-4250-2 42"x50" 2,000 90º 24" 849
EM1-500-4848-2 48"x48" 2,000 90º 24" 899
EM1-500-6050-2 60"x50" 2,000 90º 24" 1035
EM1-500-4250-4 42"x50" 4,000 90º 24" 870
EM1-500-4848-4 48"x48" 4,000 90º 24" 930
EM1-500-6050-4 60"x50" 4,000 90º 24" 1047
EM1-500-4250-6 42"x50" 6,000 90º 24" 865
EM1-500-4848-6 48"x48" 6,000 90º 24" 896
EM1-500-6050-6 60"x50" 6,000 90º 24" 1106
Series 500 Options
Model Description
*Hand held control air powered hydraulic (rotary) PB-2 For 90° Tilters
*Foot control air powered hydraulic (rotary) FC-2 For 90° Tilters



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