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Series 200 (45º Tilt)

Series 200 (45º Tilt)


Series 200 (45º Tilt) Features:

The model EM1-200 tilts pallets, crates, boxes, or baskets 45º to facilitate loading or unloading.  The deck height is 24" when horizontal.   Tables have all welded steel construction for years of durability.  Unique design minimizes pinch points to meet OSHA requirements. 

The EM1-200 is equipped with an industrial quality, 56  frame 2 HP motor.  This motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw and maximum life.  Standard voltage is 208-230/460.  A NEMA-4 push button hand control is standard.  Optional foot control with guard is available.


Efficiency Master Tilt Table Series 200
Model PDF's Platform (WxL) Capacity
of Tilt
Horizontal Height Wt. (lbs)
EM1-200-4250-2 42"x50" 2,000 45º 24" 740
EM1-200-4848-2 48"x48" 2,000 45º 24" 697
EM1-200-6050-2 60"x50" 2,000 45º 24" 834
EM1-200-4250-4 42"x50" 4,000 45º 24" 780
EM1-200-4848-4 48"x48" 4,000 45º 24" 733
EM1-200-6050-4 60"x50" 4,000 45º 24" 894
EM1-200-4250-6 42"x50" 6,000 45º 24" 822
EM1-200-4848-6 48"x48" 6,000 45º 24" 832
EM1-200-6050-6 60"x50" 6,000 45º 24" 912
Series 200 Options
Model Description
*Hand held control air powered hydraulic 2.8 HP 1 GPM (rotary) PB-2 For 45° Tilters
*Pneumatic foot control (rotary) FC-2 For 45° Tilters
*Foot Treadle 2,000# & 4,000# Only (reciprocating) For 45° Tilters




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