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Self Supporting Bridge Cranes

Self Supporting Bridge Cranes


Self Supporting Bridge Cranes Features:

The system is composed of modular units so that the components can be reused when the layout is changed. The system does not require any electrical power. The overall height is 14 feet.  Festoon for electronic hoist is not included.

Self Supporting Bridge Cranes
Model Runway Bridge Uniform Capacity of Cranes & Weight
Length Length 500 lbs. 1,000 lbs.
B1020-(capacity) 20 10 1575 1890
B1030-(capacity) 30 10 2289 2467
B1520-(capacity) 20 15 1758 2124
B1530-(capacity) 30 15 2478 2709
B2020-(capacity) 20 20 2205 2499
B2030-(capacity) 30 20 3150 3475




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