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Rotary Drum Pumps

Rotary Drum Pumps

Rotary Drum Pumps Features:

For dispensing and transferring liquids out of 55-gallon drums.

RDP-55 - Ideal for light oils, anti-freeze, and other light non-flammable and non-combustible liquids. (hose included)

ADP-55 - High-speed drum pump for light oils up to 40 weight. (hose included)

RP-90R - For transferring soluble, corrosive, volatile, and aggressive chemicals (esters, alcohols, alkali, acids, hydrocarbons, petroleum based fluid, transmission fluid and water based chemicals).

RP-90RT - Ideal for soluble, corrosive, volatile and aggressive chemicals. Suitable for use with Acetone and Ad-Blue.

RP-90FG - Suitable for most soluble, corrosive, volatile and liquids which are compatible with PTFE and HFP/TFE.

Rotary Drum Pumps
Model PDF's Description Construction Displacement Per Stroke Bung Size Wt. (lbs)
RDP-55 Rotary Drum Pump Steel 11.8 oz. 2" 12
ADP-55 Rotary Drum Pump Aluminum 11.8 oz. 2" 14
RP-90R Rotary Drum Pump PPS 11.8 oz. 2" 5
RP-90RT Rotary Drum Pump PPS 11.8 oz 2" 5
RP-90FG Rotary Drum Pump PTFE 10.14 oz 2" 5

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