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Quilted Moving Pads

Quilted Moving Pads


Quilted Moving Pads Features:

Cushion and protect furniture, machinery, and electronic equipment. Each pad measures 72" wide by 80" long. Units are sold a dozen at a time. Model QPC-7280-UP is water and mildew resistant.

Quilted Moving Pads
Model PDFs Description Colors
(may vary)
Qty. Wt. Each (lbs) Wt. (lbs)
QPC-7280-VP Heavy Duty Multi-Color One side cotton, one side polyester One side dark green, one side light blue 12 7 82
QPC-7280-UP All Weather.  Both sides polyester one side dark blue, one side light blue 12 7 63
QPC-7280-UP-1PK All Weather.  Both sides polyester one side dark blue, one side light blue 1 9 9
QPC-7280-UP-4PK All Weather.  Both sides polyester one side dark blue, one side light blue 4 9 30
QPC-7280-DP General Duty Multi-Color.  Both sides cotton Both sides light blue 12 5 57

When you move equipment or other assets, there is always the threat that damage could occur. Quilted moving pads are the simple solution to this problem. By providing a barrier around sensitive items, any movement of the equipment or asset can be protected with relative ease.

These quilted moving cushions are made from a durable poly/cotton blend and can be given natural or synthetic fillers, depending on your personal preferences. Each pad measures 72x80 inches and are sold in sets of 12. We also have quilted moving pads that are water and mildew-resistant if you have long-term storage needs. Colors may vary.

A quilted moving pad or cushion gives you a number of benefits so that your machinery and assets receive a maximum amount of protection. Here are the features that you’ll want to consider when looking at this protective item.

  • Better fabrics increase the weight of the pad. Moving pads come in many different weights. In general terms, a higher weight indicates a better overall quality. When you need quality moving pads to protect machinery, then this is the first feature to look at.
  • Binding quality matters.Some moving pads save you money by offering a non-woven binding. A woven polyester binding is your best option for this product.
  • Natural materials can retain moisture.Many general-duty quilted moving pads are 100% cotton. These are lightweight and affordable, but could retain more moisture than heavy-duty pads or all-weather options.

If you need to cushion or protect furniture, electronic equipment or you just want quilted moving pads to protect machinery, then Industrial Manlifts has the options you need right now. Don’t let damage ruin your investment, even if your items are just in storage right now. One small moving pad could make all the difference in the world.

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