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Posi-Crank Features:


The Posi-Crank ergonomic work station is an economical variable height worker positioner.  With a simple turn of a crank, the platform height may be adjusted to the optimum ergonomic level suitable for each operator.  Benefits of the Posi-Crank include minimizing the risk of cumulative trauma injuries, back injuries and fatigue while maximizing efficiency and operator morale.

The Posi-Crank incorporates the use of acme threaded rods and a series of gears for simple yet effective height adjustment.  A heavy duty chain is used in lieu of a belt to ensure a positive working height without risk of slippage.  The crank handle may be removed and placed on the handle holder for maximizing the operating space.  The deck is constructed of 1/8" steel tread plate for strength and the best traction.  Maximum capacity is 500 pounds.

Posi-Crank Work Platforms
Model PDF's Platform
Operation Wt.
POS-3636 36"x36" 3" 19" Hand Crank 192
POS-3648 36"x48" 3" 19" Hand Crank 215
POS-3672 36"x72" 3" 19" Hand Crank 403
Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat Work Platforms
POS-3636-MAT 36"x36" 3" 19" Hand Crank 196
POS-3648-MAT 36"x48" 3" 19" Hand Crank 219
POS-3672-MAT 36"x72" 3" 19" Hand Crank 432
Posi-Crank Work Platforms Options
POS-EH Electric Hydraulic Option 45

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