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Polyethylene Drum Rack

Polyethylene Drum Rack

Polyethylene Drum Rack Features:

Polyethylene Drum Racks capture spills while keeping your workplace clean and safe. All models tilt the drums slightly forward, allowing maximum drainage-optimizing your use of chemicals while minimizing waste. These improve worker safety by keeping slippery chemicals and oils off the floor. Works well with the Hydraulic Drum Stacker and the Drum Positioner


Polyethylene Drum Rack
Model PDF's Description Dimensions
Load Capacity
Wt. (lbs)
PDR-2 2 Drum System 53"x53"x44-3/4" 1,500 66 gal. 181
PDR-4 4 Drum System 53"x53"x77-3/4" 3,000 66 gal. 234
PDR-SHF Drum Rack Dispensing Shelf 17"L x 22"W x 17.5"H - 12



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