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Plastic Work Bench

Plastic Work Bench


Plastic Work Bench Features:

Easy up, easy down and two easy ways to change them around! Pick from four sizes to fit virtually any need. Our original grid-top is ideal when work produces small scrap that can clutter work surfaces. Choose our solid surfaces top panel option for tough jobs that requires a clean, flat work surface.

Plastic Work Bench

Model Description Overall Size
Net Wt.
WBT-S-3624 Solid Top/Solid Lower 36"x24"x36" 580 38
WBT-S-4824 Solid Top/Solid Lower 48"x24"x36" 785 48
WBT-S-6624 Solid Top/Solid Lower 66"x24"x36" 1,070 76
WBT-S-9624 Solid Top/Solid Lower 96"x24"x36" 1,555 101
WBT-G-3624 Grid Top/Grid Lower 36"x24"x36" 500 34
WBT-G-4824 Grid Top/Grid Lower 48"x24"x36" 688 44
WBT-G-6624 Grid Top/Grid Lower 66"x24"x36" 925 67
WBT-G-9624 Grid Top/Grid Lower 96"x24"x36" 1,350 90


Industrial Man Lifts is your aerial access solution provider. We can customize any product for any size job. Operators always standing by, (888) 730-8377.


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